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“Clear, open and transparent communication is vital for every profession, and especially in the property area. Because, we are dealing with the most valuable, important and expensive investment most of us will ever make, so looking after our clients and their hard earned money is so important that trust is key.”

About Geraldine: Geraldine brings her many years in European business experience to the property market in Cavan. Opening her own auctioneer company in Virginia in 2006. The business has grown due to the very simple business models she has developed from her vast international experience which has proven time and again to be best for her clients, both buyers and sellers. Pride in her work to do the best for her clients and the building of relationships through trust and very clear communication during some of the toughest times for Ireland’s housing market has been the key to her remarkable success.

“Keeping everything clear, concise and transparent makes for a very smooth transition from property buyer to property owner. Communication is absolutely the most important part of my work. This makes for the best experience for all. I’m convinced this is part of the reason that we work with so many friends and family of previous clients. We have built a whole business on recommendation and reputation.”

About Grace: Grace has been in the property business since she was 18 years old. Her extensive international experience from Dublin, UK & Australia brings the very highest standards in professionalism to our team. An office manager of Grace’s calibre has ensured that clear open communication is foremost during every step of the way. Grace insists that every communication is relayed throughout the team so that we can all help our buyers, and sellers, in whatever way they need.

“The real buzz for me is when we put a property out there in the cloud and somebody, somewhere, finds it & loves it, and then we get the opportunity to hand over a shiny new set of keys to someone’s dream home. It is so satisfying to be a part of that.”

About Brónagh: Brónagh is the youngest, and some would say, wisest member of our team. Her tender age belies a huge experience in the property sector. Being in charge of our media output, she has her finger on the pulse of all things digital. Her real passion and talent is letting the world know that your property is for sale. This is a special skill and science, and Brónagh excels at matching buyer and seller to make each transaction as smooth as possible.

“During our weekly meetings I like to bore everyone with our responsibilities towards our clients’ hard earned cash, and I’ve been accused of being very pedantic, and taking too long in meetings by being too exact. I take that as a great compliment. I’ll never apologise for being too careful.”

About Rosemarie: Rosemarie is our accounts manager and is responsible for the day to day running of the finances. As with all of our team, she is obsessed with keeping everything clear, simple and transparent. Financial accountability is paramount for Rosemary and her experience in the industry is exceptional. Keeping a tight rein on the client transactions is a matter of pride for Rosemary and she takes the responsibility personally.

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